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Address: Ureki, Guria, Georgia    Reservation Line: +995 790 95 6369, +995 592 50 1918  E@mail: info@gf-ureki.com

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Ureki is a unique climatic resort ah the coast of the Black Sea in Georgia, it is famous for its beaches with magnetic sands which does not have analog in the whole world.
The uniqueness of Ureki is caused by presence of the natural magnetic field of low intensity. The improving properties of the magnetic field are known for a long time. Egyptians, Greeks, the Indian yogis used them for treatment.
In the second half of the XX century, the known Japanese scientist, the doctor Nakagava has described the new illness with which the large quantity of people on the Earth suffers, and named it “Syndrome deficiency of a magnetic field of the person.”
“Our Earth is surrounded with a magnetic field. And everything that is situated on the Earth including people, animals and plants, are exposed to influence of invisible power lines of this field. But at the same time, human’s body has its own magnetic field, which originates as a result of blood course on vessels. As it is known, besides numerous components, the structure of blood includes ions of metals; therefore a blood current on vessels leads to formation round a magnetic field vessel.